Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Introductions: Alex

Hello everyone! Josh was correct in his introduction that he does speak for both of us, but I'll also speak again for both of us: welcome and congrats! YDS has been a spectacular new aspect of my life, and I hope that at this time next year you will be saying the same thing.

My name is Alex Peterson, which--along with Josh Rodriguez--may be one of the more nondescript names in existence. Like Josh, I make up for the boring name by being a totally rad dude (has that vernacular become 'retro' and 'cool' again yet? If not, it just means I'm part of the vanguard bringing it back...gnarly).

I was born and raised outside of Roseland, Nebraska, population about 200. I argue that I lived life as close to the "Old Yeller" experience as is possible anymore: lived in the country, raised working on a farm, rode horse as primary means of transportation as a youth, dog as best friend, etc. I am blonde and blue, and bleed Nebraska Cornhusker red. So I truly appreciate Josh's affinity for his Rangers. Although, unlike Josh, I am not delusional. The Rangers will not make the playoffs unless Thespus comes and wreaks havoc with the acting that the Rangers claim is actual baseball, such that they mistakenly win a few games.

I went to undergrad at Trinity University in San Antonio, and am currently in one of the phases of denial about the Spurs' bow-out in the playoffs (I regress back to denial pretty regularly). I double-majored in Political Science and Religion, then joined the Peace Corps and went to Ghana. Spent 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bimbagu, Northern Ghana, then extended my stay a third year to coordinate Peace Corps' national HIV/AIDS and Gender and Youth Development programs from Kumasi. Back to Nebraska managing a non-profit for youth substance abuse prevention, and then to this glorious place. I am Presbyterian, seeking ordination but not necessarily parish ministry. I am also working on a certificate in Development Studies through the International Relations department as well as a Reformed Studies Certificate, and hope perhaps to work overseas...that's as much of a concrete job plan as I have.

I enjoy candlelight dinners, the stars, and walks on the beach (all of which are true statements, although it's been a long time since I walked on any beach). I used to be a vegetarian, am decent at killing and butchering meat animals, find the Divine in sports more often than in established church, and in singing more often than in either of those. Most of all, I'm really excited to try and make BTFO a successful week, so you have only 25,000 questions leading into school instead of 47,000. Enjoy the summer, and perhaps this blog! See you in August.


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