Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introductions: Josh

I know I speak for both Alex and myself when I say, “Welcome and congratulations.” You are a few months away from starting a new, exciting, and a little bit (okay, some days it seems very) scary chapter of your life. Take some time to pat yourself on the back; you’ve earned it. We look forward to welcoming you to YDS in person in the very near future.

I’m Josh Rodriguez, a first year M.Div. student from Lubbock, Texas. I’m an Episcopal student affiliated with Berkeley Divinity School, and I am discerning ordination in the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas. I’m currently attending YDS to fulfill the academic requirements for board certification as a health care chaplain.

I attended undergrad at Lubbock Christian University, a small (okay, tiny) liberal arts college in Texas, where I majored in Biblical Languages. After undergrad, I took some time off to do a year-long residency in Clinical Pastoral Education.

I’m a huge baseball fan, and I eternally harbor hopes that the Texas Rangers are going to make the play-offs. Other than that, I enjoy learning new languages, trips to NYC, music (I’m currently on a Vampire Weekend trip, even though I do care deeply about Oxford commas), good books, and good food.

I’m also living proof that southerners can survive New England winters.

Have a wonderful summer. Alex and I will be waiting for you when you arrive here for BTFO.



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